Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC)

Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC)

About Us

Our Mission

Too many people with disabilities aren’t living an independent life of their own design and choosing. Whether because of prejudice, lack of awareness, flawed laws or degraded infrastructure, the path to personal choice and
independence is not always clear.

We promise to clear that path and put independence within reach. We’re determined to empower every individual, regardless of the nature or degree of their disability, so they can achieve their desired level of independence—whatever that level that may be. We’re here to provide resources, knowledge, and support, to listen, and to foster respect in our community along the way.

This work is our calling. Independence is a civil right and
we’re ready to take a stand for it.

Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC)

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1878 W Overland Rd
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Twin Falls
1182 Eastland Dr. North Suite C
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4110 Eaton Ave, Suite B
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